The BritishCharcuterie Awards and the BritishCharcuterie Tent at BBC Countryfile Live are organised by Green & Sharpe, trading as

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Henrietta Green co-founder

Award-winning food writer, broadcaster, journalist, consultant and event organiser, Henrietta has worked in the world of food for several decades. From the publication of her trail-blazing FoodLovers Guide to Britain, to campaigning for Farmers Markets in the Britain, her FoodLovers Fairs, the launch of the first consumer market at Borough, her work as a consultant for Waitrose and her writing for BBC Good Food Magazine, she has consistently championed British Speciality Producers and is acknowledged as an expert in this field.



Charlotte Sharpe-Neal co-founder

After graduating from Edinburgh University, Charlotte worked in PR and then at Country Living magazine where she stayed for over 20 years. As Editorial Promotions Manager, she was responsible for shows and events around the country. After pausing to have children, Charlotte returned to work in 2007 where she took over the running Barnes Fair, set up the Barnes Food Fair in 2011 and in 2017 Barnes Christmas Fair.