Meat Salt Smoke


29 Denmark Street
Newcastle upon-Tyne, NE6 2XF

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Tel: 07895 837323

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Regular Farmer’s Markets
Boiler Shop Emporium, Newcastle


Meat Salt Smoke is the name of the Charcuterie company set up by Block & Bottle, the UK's first dedicated free-range butcher and craft beer bottle shop. Using free-range, locally sourced meat, they have created a range of handcrafted Charcuterie with a core range of 7 Salamis including Sichuan Peppercorn & Bay, Chorizo and unusually paired Black Pepper & Vanilla. They dry-cure Pancetta and Guanciale and air dry it in humidity controlled fridges to bring out the flavours. They also produce limited edition seasonal specials and collaborations with local restaurants and breweries including Nduja and Sopressata, similarly spiked with chilli.


Salami, Pancetta, Guanciale, Nduja, Sopressata

British Charcuterie