Dukeshill Ham Company


Unit C Lodge Park
Hortonwood 30
Shropshire, TF1 7ET

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Dukeshill, holder of a Royal Warrant to supply the Queen, is a family-owned producer of traditionally cured Hams and Bacon. They use high-welfare British pork, prioritising texture and flavour over speed and yield. Dry-Cured Ham, includes York - cured in salt with a pinch of saltpetre and Shropshire Black, rumoured to be a descendant of the Bradenham Ham that spends “a fortnight wallowing in a special marinade of molasses, juniper berries and spices”. St George’s and Wiltshire Hams are Brine (Wet)-Cured and all are available in a range of sizes on- or off- the-bone.


Ham, Dry-Cured, Wet-Cured, Brine Cured,York, Shropshire Black, Bradenham, St George’s, Wiltshire

British Charcuterie