Trealy Farm Charcuterie

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Unit C6 Park Farm
Plough Road
Monmouthshire, NP4 0AL

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Tel: 01495 785090

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Trealy Farm, a pioneer producer of British Charcuterie, started production in 2004 in Monmouthshire, South Wales. Recently they moved off-farm to a SALSA accredited production unit near Abergavenny and here James Swift and his team, continue to produce traditional Charcuterie with an innovative twist. Sourcing free-range Saddleback pork, Welsh Black beef, Welsh Mountain lamb, venison and Rose veal from small UK farms, their wide range made with no nitrates & saltpetre and a specially- made curing salt with the minimum levels of nitrite required for safety includes Veal Pork Sage & Thyme Salami  and Venison Carpaccio with Juniper


Salami, Smoked Bath Chaps, Bratwurst, Pastrami, Black Pudding, Spiced Beef, Pork Collar, Low-Nitrite

British Charcuterie