Stud Farm Meats

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Stud Farm
Sibson Lane
Shenton Nuneaton
Warwickshire, CV13 6DA

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Tel: 01455 213973

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Market Bosworth
Buzzards Valley


With over 100 years of traditional farming heritage, Stud Farm Meats breed and rear livestock to produce fresh meat and air-dried Charcuterie. An on-farm butchery and hanging rooms result in low food miles for their produce. They use rare breed pigs for a range of Charcuterie including Salami, Chorizo and Lonza while Longhorn cattle yield Bresaola and Pepperoni. Air-dried lamb loins are cured in garlic, mint, rosemary and black pepper to create a lean and unusual product.


Salami, Chorizoa, Lonza, Longhorn, Bresaola, Pepperoni, Lamb, Loin

British Charcuterie