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Unit 10 The Quay
The Strand, Topsham
Exeter, Devon EX3 0JB

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Tel: 01392 346 240

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Like true artisans everything Good Game make and do, is done by hand. One of their ranges uses only salt for curing and no nitrates or nitrites but they also produce a more traditional range using only a minimal amount of nitrite. Their signature sausage is a Venison salami but for a more experimental note, try their Chocolate Habanero Chorizo made with local Devon pork, salt and spices - fennel, garlic, plain & smoked paprika and chocolate habanero chilli - stuffed in a natural hog casing


Venison Salami, Chorizo, Devon, Ruby Red, Biltong, Lomo, Hog Casings

British Charcuterie