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Angel Refrigeration is returning as sponsor to the British Charcuterie Awards. We are delighted to welcome them aboard!

As specialist curing and fermenting equipment suppliers and charcuterie-making educators, Angel Refrigeration share the vision for a bright future for British Charcuterie producers. This year, they have chosen to be the Official Sponsor of Class 3 – Cured, Fermented & Air-Dried Ready-to-Eat Sausage Products.

 The Charcuterie sector is experiencing a rapid growth in the production and sales of continental-style artisan charcuterie, but it is also worth remembering that Charcuterie is one of the oldest and traditional food preserving  techniques with a long history of British regional products.

 There are endless opportunities for makers to develop both traditional and innovative  charcuterie - whether fermented, air-dried, smoked or cooked - and whether made with meat, game or poultry or a mixture of all three. Last year The British Charcuterie Awards welcomed over 450 products from around 80 producers. Together, in 2019, we intend to reach out to even more producers

Angel Refrigeration recognise the growing importance of this market and the skills required for the delicate process of producing charcuterie. They understand that every aspect must be right - ingredients, techniques, equipment, conditions and climate.

 Of equal importance is food safety. Their Everlasting Stagionatore Refrigeration Cabinet creates the perfect conditions for fermentation, drying and maturation. The cabinets are specifically designed to manage the right temperature, humidity and air exchange over a number of adjustable time phases to give maximum flexibility.

Working with British meat industry experts, Angel Refrigeration compliment their range with the offer of interactive skills and product development courses, developed to suit specific business needs. Tuition is to a high specification, focusing on cost/benefit comparisons, production methods and food safety standards.

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