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On the first day of BBC Countryfile Live 2018, Thursday August 2nd, will run The British Charcuterie Awards 2018 within The British Charcuterie Tent in the grounds of Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire.  The Awards offer producers of British Charcuterie their chance to compete in the first independent national awards devoted exclusively to British-produced cured meats, poultry and game.

Open to all British Charcuterie makers – from farmers to producers, processors, butchers and chefs – the nine classes plus two Champion of Champions classes (see below) will be judged by Charcuterie experts, butchers, chefs, food writers and broadcasters.

The British Charcuterie Tent is a brand new and exciting feature of BBC Countryfile Live 2018 that runs from Thursday 2nd – Sunday 5th August and last year attracted 120,000 visitors.  Throughout the four days the must-visit Tent will focus on British Charcuterie and its makers and will feature charcuterie and charcuterie-related products, an information area and a bar with refreshments.

The Classes

Class 1 Cured, Air-Dried & Ready-to-Eat Whole Muscle Products – based on the whole muscle these are cured and air-dried products that may or may not be cold-smoked. This class includes traditional product such as Prosciutto-style hams, Lomo, cold-smoked duck breasts or Coppa etc.

Class 2 Cured & Cooked Whole Muscle Products – based on the whole muscle these need cooking – roasted, boiled, baked or hot-smoked – before eating. This class includes cooked hams, salt beef etc.

Class 3 Cured, fermented & Air Dried Ready-to-Eat Sausage Products - these are traditional Salami and other ground meat products that may or may not be cold-smoked.

Class 4 Cured & Cooked Ready-to-Eat Sausage Products - these need cooking – typically  poached or hot-smoked– before eating. This class includes Bologna, Mortadella, Luncheon Meats and hot-smoked Kielbasa etc.

Class 5 Soft & Spreadable Products – these are made from cured and/or preserved meats. This class includes Pates, Parfaits, Potted Meats and Rillettes as well as products such as ’Nduja, Lard, Sobresada etc.

Class 6 Cured Bacon – these may be green, cold- or hot-smoked but will need cooking before eating. This class includes streaky, shoulder or back bacon as well as rashers from other meats, poultry and game such as beef, duck etc.

Class 7 British Regional Products – this class includes any traditional British regional recipes such as Hogs Pudding, Black Pudding, White Pudding, Haslett, Faggots, Bath Chaps, Lincolnshire Chine etc.

Class 8 “House Made” Products – this class includes any cured products made in a restaurant, hotel or pub kitchen by the kitchen staff for serving within their own restaurants and bars   

Class 9 Native & Heritage Products - supported by Rare Breed Survival Trust & Slow Food in the UK. Meat used in this class must be traceable and from registered stock pedigree parents. All entries will be authenticated by RSBT. This class is open to all products included in classes 1-8 of The British Charcuterie Awards

Chosen from Classes 1-9 entrants

Class 10 The Champion of Champions Product – all products achieving Gold (scoring 80+ points out of a possible 100) will automatically be put forward for The Champion of Champions Product

Class 11 The Champion of Champions Producer – chosen from classes 1 to 9 entrants, the Champion of Champions Producer will be awarded to the producer who performs best consistently over a number of classes -  no less than 3 products - spread over a minimum of 3 classes


Entry is via the on-line form available at and is open to entry from January 2018. Producers may enter as many products per class and as many classes as they wish.

The cost to enter Classes 1-8 is £30 per class.

The following discounts will be applied automatically at Checkout:

2 products entered - save £5 (total cost £55)
3 products entered - save £10 (total cost £80)
4 products entered - save £15 (total cost £105)
5 products entered - save £25 (total cost £125)
6 products entered - save £35 (total cost £145)
7 products entered - save £45 (total cost £165)
8 products entered - save £55 (total cost (£185)
9 products entered - save £65 (total cost (£205)
10 products entered - save £75 (total cost £225)
More than 10 products entered - save 33% off total

The cost to enter Class 9 is £10 for each product

In entering Class 9, each producer agrees to have their contact and product details forwarded to RBST who will authenticate the entry within seven days. If the RBST deem the products ineligible for entry, agrees to refund the entry fee(s) for this class minus a service charge of 10%  

On receipt of entry and payment, a Producer Entry Form and a Product Entry Form will be emailed by the organisers. The Producer Entry Form will ask for further details about your business. A Product Entry Form must be submitted for every product entered. Failure to complete these forms will make your entry invalid.

All entrants to the British Charcuterie Awards will receive 2 tickets worth £60 to BBC Countryfile Live 2018 on 2nd August, judging day.

Submission of Products

Two whole products or two packs with a minimum total weight of 250g entered for The Charcuterie Awards plus a copy of the application form should be sent in to the address specified on the Awards Information Form.

Products must be received on Monday 30 or Tuesday 31st July for judging on Thursday 2 August.

Products must be delivered to the specified address in advance of the judging and will not be accepted if delivered to any other address than the one specified

Samples will be kept under refrigeration until the judging takes place unless otherwise specified.Please note that although the Organisers will take great care to ensure safe keeping of all entries throughout judging, they cannot be held responsible for their safe keeping.


The British Charcuterie Awards open to apply for entry in January 2018. Judging will take place in the British Charcuterie Tent at Countryfile Live 2018 on Thursday 2nd August, the opening day of the show.

The Awards will be judged by charcuterie experts, butchers, chefs, food writers and broadcasters. The head judge is John Gower of Quiet Waters. A full list of judges can be found on the website,

Please note, the judges’ decisions will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Judging Criteria

Judging will be carried out blind. Feedback is an essential part of the judging process and written feedback on each product will be forwarded to the appropriate entrant within seven days of judging.

The judges will score and award points for each product as set out below. Products that reach Gold, Silver and Bronze standards will be eligible to carry British Charcuterie Awards 2018 stickers on their products.

A Champion of Champions Product will be chosen from the Gold winners and a Champion of Champions Producer who performs best consistently over a number of classes - no less than three products spread over a minimum of three classes.

Allocation of points

Appreciation of innovation and excellence         Possible Total=10
Points will be awarded for the “appropriateness” of the product - whether pushing the boundaries in new product development, novel use of ingredients or a fine example of a traditional product

Pre-taste                                                                 Possible Total=30
1.  Presentation 1-10 points
2. Aroma 1-10 points
3. Feel 1-10 points

Eating qualities                                                      Possible Total=60
1. Front flavours 1-20 points) 
2.Texture 1-20 points
3.Length of flavours/back flavours 1-20 points

                                                                                 Maximum Total =100


There will be three levels of winners based on the points they have been awarded:

1. Bronze – for all products scoring between 60-70 points
2. Silver –   for all products scoring between 70-80 points
3. Gold –    for all products scoring between 80-100 points

There will be two final awards:

1. Champion of Champions Product – judged from all Gold Winners
2. Champion of Champions Producer – awarded to one producer who performs best consistently over a number of classes - no less than three products spread over a minimum of three classes


All entrants who reach Bronze, Silver or Gold categories will be presented with a certificate and featured on with links to their site.

Gold, Silver and Bronze stickers can be ordered after the Awards as appropriate.  Samples will be available within the judging area or online at

The Champion of Champions Producer and The Champion of Champions Product will both receive a handcrafted charcuterie knife.
Additional prizes to be confirmed and will be listed on the website.

Rules of Entry

1) All products submitted to The British Charcuterie Awards must be from a registered or approved UK based food producer (subject to relevant HACCP and fit for human consumption). Evidence to be supplied if requested.

2) All products entered must either have been made by the entrant or, where a supplier enters a product not made by themselves, the maker of that product with their full contact details must be included on the entry form.

 3) The British Charcuterie Awards are keen to promote meat from animals using good animal husbandry and out of confinement that restricts natural species-specific behaviours. Animals should have plenty of access to the outdoors and where possible, be raised without gestation crates, hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. For this reason the source or supply of the meat, poultry or game used in the products should be included.

 4) All products must be delivered to the submission address confirmed in the Application Form by the deadline at suitable temperature and in suitable packaging for food hygiene and safety purposes. Full specifications will be included on the Awards Information Form.

 5) All entries must be accompanied by a product specific ingredients list as per national labelling requirements and confirmation of meat source/supplier.

6) All entrants will be asked to provide a brief informative ‘story’ about their company, their products and their approach which should include location of business premises and source or supplier of meats etc. as set out within application form.

7) will not accept entries that do not arrive by the specified date and/or in a suitable condition and/or with their entry forms filled out. In these instances, the entry fees will not be refunded.

8) All entries must be paid for in advance via Entries will not be acknowledged until payment is received.

9) The organisers reserve the right to change, withdraw, limit the number of entries or otherwise cancel any product or class.

10) Refunds will only be made in exceptional cases and a 10% service charge will be deducted.  No refunds will be made after 1 June 2018. Entrants to Class 9 whose products are deemed ineligible for entry will be refunded their entry fee(s) minus a service charge of 10%.


The British Charcuterie Awards are organised by Green & Sharpe, trading as

BBC Countryfile Live is organised by SME London Ltd. agrees to comply with the rules and regulations set out by SME London in respect of the organisation of BBC Countryfile Live.

Any queries, email

January 2018

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