The BritishCharcuterie Awards 2018 will be judged in the BritishCharcuterie Tent at BBC Countryfile Live on Thursday 2nd August, the opening day of the show

The BritishCharcuterie Awards will be judged by experts with John Gower of Quiet Waters Farm as Head Judge

There will be three levels of winners based on the points they have been awarded with a maximum of a possible 100 points:

Bronze for all products scoring between 60-70 points
Silver for all products scoring between 70-80 points
Gold for all products scoring between 80-100 points

There will be two further awards:

Champion of Champions Product chosen from all Gold Winners
Champion of Champions Producer awarded to the producer who performs best consistently over a number of classes - no less than three products spread over a minimum of three classes

Judging will be carried out blind. Feedback is an essential part of the judging process and written feedback on each product will be forwarded to the appropriate entrant within seven days of judging
Please note, the judges’ decisions will be final and no correspondence will be entered into

Points will be awarded as follows
Appreciation of innovation and excellence         Possible Total=10
Points will be awarded for the “appropriateness” of the product - whether pushing the boundaries in new product development, novel use of ingredients or a fine example of a traditional product
Pre-taste                                                                 Possible Total=30
Presentation 1-10 points
Aroma 1-10 points
Feel 1-10 points
Eating qualities                                                       Possible Total=60
Front flavours 1-20 points
Texture 1-20 points
Length of flavours/back flavours 1-20 points
                                                                                 Maximum Total=100